The Port of Souris, owned and operated by the Souris Harbour Authority Inc. (SHAI) is berthing the “Dutch Runner”, a 83 meter coastal container and bulk carrier for its winter layover. The ice free harbour and safe berthage at Souris makes the port an ideal location for this vessel.

Port Manager Art MacDonald says that the vessel service requirements and supplies are readily available at Souris and the Harbour Authority is pleased to expedite the vessel’s requirements for this winter.

Denis Thibodeau, SHAI’s Chairman says the Dutch Runner is ideal for short sea shipping 40 ft. containers because it has both loading cranes and roll on/off ramps.  It can be used for a container feeder service to and from Halifax and other Eastern seaboard destinations. “SHAI is prospecting companies that may need economical container shipments to and from Prince Edward Island. This type of vessel can be a critical supply link for companies that could establish a manufacturing facility in Souris”.  

 The Souris Harbour Authority has a newly constructed container lay down yard, ample topside storage and berths, warehouse facilities, marine supply services, and other necessary infrastructure for container shipping services.